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Skin Types Characteristics

Skin Types Characteristics
Each skin type has particular characteristics
Skin Types Characteristics
Each skin type has particular characteristics

Knowing the skin type is necessary for caring it accordingly. There are five basic types of skin oily, dry, sensitive normal and combination types. Each skin type has particular characteristics.

These characteristics and skincare essentials are given below

Normal skin

The skin type that is neither too oily nor extra dry is categorized as Normal skin. It is even, soft and stiff to touch with no evidence of dryness or excessive oiliness. It’s innate flexibility and firmness makes it resistant towards basic skin problems such scars, inflammation or broken capillaries. Usually very rare people are blessed with normal skin type.

Those who are blessed with this ideal skin type are suggested to do cleansing and moisturizing using mild and preferably natural products and to minimize the sun exposure to the maximum possible extant for maintaining their skin.

Oily skin

The excessive production and release of sebum because of abnormal activity of the hormone is the main cause behind oily skin. Those with oily skin have enlarged pores and their skin surface has greasy touch and shiny appearance. Oily skin is highly susceptible to skin conditions like blackheads, whiteheads, acne or blemishes. However, it has a plus point as well that it’s not prone to wrinkle and other signs of aging.

For getting rid of excess oil it is advised to cleanse and moisturize the face regularly using the products formulated especially for oily skin. However, avoid cleansing too frequently, it will stimulate the sebaceous glands and may worsen the condition. Minimize sun exposure and whenever going out in the sun don’t forget application of a good sunscreen.

Dry skin

Dry skin has fine texture and somewhat dull appearance. If you inspect closely, you may find some flaky sections apparent, mostly around the edges of the eyes, mouth and forehead. Dry skin feels taut or slightly sore. If not look after properly, dry skin becomes prone to wrinkles and turns more fragile with advancing age.

Natural products are ideal for the dry skin. It is recommended to do cleansing with a non-soap cleanser with extra moisturizing action. Moisturize the skin lightly in the daytime and give a thorough massage of any moisturizing lotion or cream to your body skin before you go to bed in night. Drink a lot of water to keep the body hydrated and if you smoke abandon this habit it immediately.

Sensitive skin

Sensitive skin has almost the same qualities as that of dry skin. Some areas off the sensitive skin react immediately against unsuitable internal as well as external conditions such as pollution, ailment, extreme temperatures, allergies or chemicals etc. the apparent signs of reaction are dermatitis, redness, broken veins and capillaries, mild bruising and chafing. Care the sensitive skin in the same way advised for dry skin.

Combination skin

Combination skin texture is most common among adults. The T-zone of those having combination skin is oily while the cheeks are dry or normal.