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Skin Protection in Winter Season

Skin Protection in Winter Season
Skin Protection in Winter Season
Skin Protection in Winter Season
Skin Protection in Winter Season

With the changing season, your skincare routine also demands some modifications according to the new season. While, in hot months of summer your skin turns oily and trigger you to take some measures to reduce oily and greasy look, in the winter, you skin’s demands change.

The skin gets, extra dry, taut and itchy in the chilly winter season. At times, it becomes susceptible to eczema and becomes really irritable. For protecting the skin from dry and chilly air, you have to modify your skincare regimen.

The skin becomes dry, flaky and dull because of abrasive cold temperature, so, skin moisturizing is the main thing you are not going to forget during throughout winter season. Substitute the water-based products with crème products and apply it to your entire body regularly. Your priority should be a product that contains vitamin E; it will prevent irritation and water evaporation from the skin.

Though regular exfoliation is necessary in summer as well, it becomes extra-essential during winter. It removes the dead skin cells, dust and pollutants from the skin leaving it healthy and bright.

Don’t take long baths and also avoid harsh soaps. It will leave your body skin dehydrated. It is advised to apply a good moisturizer over the body and face after taking shower.

After moisturizing the feet and hands get them in gloves and socks to lock the moisture and prevent skin breakups. The use of heaters turn the inside air extra dry which affects our skin badly. Make sure to place two or three humidifiers for keeping the air humid.

Don’t think that sunscreen isn’t necessary during winter. Remember, the sunrays remain dangerous irrespective of the season, therefore, apply sunscreen before hitting out in the sun.

Keep your lips moist by using emollient lip-balm or lip-gloss to prevent roughness of lips.

Intake plenty of water and take well-balanced and healthy diet.