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Skin Moisturizing For A Smooth Healthy Skin

Skin Moisturizing For a smooth healthy skin
Skin Moisturizing For a smooth healthy skin
Skin Moisturizing For a smooth healthy skin
Skin Moisturizing For a smooth healthy skin

Moisturizing is the last step in any skin care regimen that is necessary to replenish the moisture to the skin. A variety of skin moisturizing lotions, creams, oils, gels and balms are available in the market that prevent and reduce the skin dryness by providing enough moisture to the skin. Moisturizers also prevent skin dehydration.Skin Moisturizing For A Smooth

Importance of Skin Moisturizers

Moisturizers are produced to diminish loss of water from the epidermis. They protects our skin from harsh environmental conditions such winds and sunshine etc. and serve as the barriers against grime and dirt. Moreover, they make the skin feel soft and smooth instantly.

There are two types of moisturizers: humectants and lipids. Humectants are either absorbed by the skin or they remain on the skin surface. The lipids, on the other hand, block the moisture within the skin and provide a blockade. Besides this, it helps the skin to rejuvenate itself in much better way.Moisturizer is the key to healthy looking skin

Moisturizer: Selection and Application Tips

• The ideal skin moisturizing routine should be limited to a 10 minute, twice daily event, using a best suited lotion or cream product. Here are some tips –
• Ensure using oil-free moisturizer if you have any skin imperfection such as pimples.
• Always pick a moisturizer that has a sunscreen with SPF-15.
• The application of moisturizer to the body skin just after taking shower, especially in winter season, helps preventing water loss thus help skin dryness.
• If you don makeup regularly then make sure following basic skincare regimen of cleansing, toning and moisturizing twice a day: once in morning and once in evening.
• Use your fingertips to dab the moisturizer over the face.
• Avoid rubbing your skin vigorously while applying moisturizer since it may result in skin irritation.
• Don’t overuse the moisturizer; it will cause pores clogging and breakout of blackheads.
• Moisturizers can also be used base prior to the application of foundation.