Skin Cleansing Tips For a More Beautiful Looking You

Skin Cleansing Tips For a More Beautiful Looking You
Skin Cleansing Tips For a More Beautiful Looking You

Cleaning is the first step in daily skin care routine. Cleansing, when properly done, removes all the dust, dirt, bacteria, germs, makeup remains and dead skin cells from the skin and opens up the clogged pores and deep cleanses the pores as well. Moreover, cleansing process stimulates the blood circulation and set up the skin to collect nutrients and lipids the cream contains.

Cleanse your face twice a day; in the morning and in the evening. If you have dry skin, than don’t cleanse your skin frequently since it will make the skin even drier. However, if your skin is oily then there isn’t any problem with cleaning frequently. Be careful, don’t cleanse the skin for long; it results in the removal of natural oil from the skin making the skin dry and taut.

Pick a right cleanser that suits your skin type. Gel-based cleansers work best for the dry skin while for the oily skin herbal or natural cleanser is best option. Those with sensitive skin should use flavored soft cleanser.

Always use tepid water for cleansing. Hot water takes away moisture and natural oil from the skin leaving it dry while the cold water cleanse the skin superficially because it cant dissolve the dust.

Make use of your fingers or a soft and hygienic sponge for cleansing.

Before starting cleansing rinse your hands thoroughly to remove all the impurities accumulated on them, and tie the hair in a band so that they don’t fall on the face.

First, wash your face with tepid water and then dab cleanser on the entire face moving the sponge or fingers in circular motion. Avoid rubbing your face vigorously to remove stains, it will scratch your skin and cause irritation.

Wash the face meticulously.

Finally, pat dry the skin with a soft towel and then apply moisturizer to replenish the moisture to the skin.