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Skin Care Tips for Winter

Skin Care Tips for Winter

Skin Care Tips for WinterKeeping your skin soft and fresh-looking becomes a tough challenge in the winter season as windy and cold weather can damage the outer-surface and underlying tissue of your skin. Here are some of the best tips that will provide you a complete guideline to maintain the freshness and beauty of skin in the winter season.

1. Keep Yourself Hydrated

Keeping yourself hydrated is the most essential step regarding to maintain the smoothness of skin, preventing extra dryness. According to the mostly health specialists, drinking at least 8-10 glasses of water is necessary for a healthy lifestyle. Furthermore, you should include coffee, warm tea and fruit juices in your daily diet plan for winter season.

2. Exfoliate Regularly

Exfoliation is the most recommended procedure, which helps in removing the dead cells from dry skin. The importance of exfoliation is increased in the winter season. Usually the health providers suggest doing so before taking a bath each time with the help of body brush and exfoliating cream.

3. Take Bath Less Frequently and in the Right Way

To prevent extra dryness in the winter season, you should not take a bath more than once a day as more showering can snatch the natural hydrating oils of skin, making it dry and dull. Don’t use hot water for bathing; it can remove the moisturizing oils from your skin. Using a mild moisturizing soap would be best decision.

4. Cover Your Body with Appropriate Clothing

To avoid the harsh effects of cold winds in winter season, you should cover your body with appropriate clothing. Hands are susceptible to getting chapped, so always cover them with gloves. Don’t forget to wear socks.

5. Use Moisturizers

The use Skin-moisturizing products are most essential for the proper care of skin in the winter. A number of moisturizing lotions and creams are available in the market, from which you can select as per your choice. Don’t forget applying a moisturizing lotion or cream on your skin after washing it or taking a bath.

6. Use Sun Protection

The UV sun rays are as dangerous for your skin in the winter season as they are in the summer. The dermatologists always recommend to apply a good-quality sunscreen with a sun protection factor of 30 before going into the sunrays.