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Skin Care Tips For Summer


Skin care Tips For SummerSummer is rocking on its top level and it is making us dull, dark and dry and at the same time it is making you get skin issue including pimples, acne and scars and it is spoiling our looks too so here are some simple skin care tips for you, I am not saying that these are something new or I am sharing something you never knew before, am just giving you a check list to make sure you are doing all of that and you are taking care of your skin and beauty and while you are so busy enjoying the summer you are not forgetting the bad impacts of sun.Skin care Tips For Summer 1

Here are some simple tips that you need to keep in mind while you are enjoying the exotic season of summer.

Exfoliate is very important for clearer, smoother skin and it is very important and helpful to get a new layer of skin, removing dead cells, dealing with skin debris and help you deal with congestion and improve hydration from toners and moisturizers too, but you cannot use harsh scrubbers on your skin every day, you need to use it three times a day, but in other days you can use sugar or alum powder to help your skin to breath freely, never ever forget to apply hydrating body cream to seal in moisture and never ever go out with freshly exfoliated skin without an SPF.Skin care Tips For Summer 2

Next thing you need to do is keep your skin hydrated and you need to keep your system hydrated with lots of water and lots of healthy juices and fresh smoothies, you can keep your skin hydrated with intensive massages and you can use so many home remedies for that too including some yogurt masks, avocado is great for hydrating your skin and cucumber and coconut are ideal.Skin care Tips For Summer 3

You need to avoid all kind of bad foods in summer, chips, fries, fried food and junk food is bad and they will kind of turn your oil glands on and they will start working as faster as they can which means impossible to handle and pimple and acne eventually.

Drink lots of water and wash your face three times at least and last but not least, never leave your house without sunblock and sunglass and use umbrella or hat to protect.