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Skin Care Tips for Glowing Skin in Summer


Basic Tips for Skin CareIf you want to look beautiful and glowing and want to have smooth younger looking skin throughout the year then you need to keep an eye on the requirements and the essentials of skin too, you need to prevent damages and you need to make efforts to get and keep your skin beautiful  and today we are going to talk about skin care regime in season summer and for that you have to start with food, you need to eat healthy and balanced food and you need to eat fresh fruits and vegetables and you need to drink lots of water, you have to drink more than you do in winter or other season and you need to quit all artificial drinks and you have to keep sipping fresh homemade juices and drinks and nothing is better than plain tab water, never get yourself confused between still or spring water, you just need to drink water.Skin Care Tips For Summer

Now the first thing that you need to do to get beautiful skin in summer is prevent sun exposure and if you have to go to out in sunshine then use sunblock and don’t just wash your face when you get home, use some scrubbing and for that you can sue a homemade scrub that you can use every day and many times a day, I am not saying alum powder, although it is very good too, but I was saying about the mixture of orange peel powder and row milk and if you need to get fair skin then you can add some turmeric too, this is best thing that you can do to get beautiful skin in summer.Skin Care In Summer

Next thing that you can use to clean your skin is summer is plain yogurt, you just need to take some yogurt and apply it all over your face and on your neck and let it get dry and then scrub it off and you can add some more impacts by adding plain sugar in it, you can use honey, milk, gram flour, turmeric and milk and salt to clean your skin in summer and I would say that as clean your skin is in summer better and keep scrubbing off all of the dead cells and dry flacks from your skin.

You can keep a mixture of rose water, lime water and cucumber juice in your refrigerate and keep spraying that on your face time to time to get beautiful  smooth fair skin in the summer and you can use glycerin in the same mixture to get beautiful moisturized skin.

Mix worm milk with salt and lime juice and apply that all over your face and you can use a cotton cloth to do that or you can use a cotton bud and apply that all over your face and then wash it off with chilled water to get clean pores as it is best thing that you can do to get beautiful skin.

Best of luck.