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Skin Care Myths and Facts every Woman Needs to Know


it can really stress your skinHere are some day to day skin care myths and facts which will kind of make your life a bit better and a bit more unreliable. so are you ready to know about the .Here are some facts and myths which are believed to be true, but now have proven a myth.facts and myths about great skin

Few months back I heard few teens were talking that they are using some famous branded and OTC fancy products to get rid of marks and to get complete fairness  and they are getting some issues instead of getting the skin similar to the girl who was in the advertised on the TV commercials  and I asked them did their dermatologist suggest that product to them and they said it is a famous brand, should be safe to use, Well the fact is you should always use things that are dermatologically tested, although they don’t put these products on the big banners or you don’t see commercials, that doesn’t not mean they are not good, they are and that is the reason that they are pocket friendly.Myths & Facts! Good Or Bad

Young girls who just come out of their teens and they still have beautiful  skin and hair and they thing that they are kind of blessed and they don’t need to use any kind of skin care and all that and their mums or friends told them that if thing is not broke, you should not try to fix it cause the you will ruin it, Well actually this is not true, no matter what kind of skin you have and what other say you have to use sunscreen and you need to clean your skin and apply moisturizer an scrub too, don’t get in that lucky skin stuff, look after your skin from sun and for am harmful products.

Heard that if you want to get beautiful smooth skin then you have to avoid all kind of fat and you are what you eat, and some people strictly believe on this, which is completely wrong, you need minerals and you need fats too, you have to keep an eye to eat healthy and balance diet including vitamins, anti oxidants  and you need to eat colorful fruits and vegetables which are very good for healthy and beautiful  skin, all the things that you see on eating section, are made to eat and they are healthy for your  skin to so eat, jut see how much you eating, you can eat olive and you can eat olive oil too they are good, you can eat avocado, but avocado oil is best of external use.
Want to look smart, be smart then.