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Skin Care In Pakistani Summer Season


Skin Care In Pakistani Summer SeasonSummer in colder areas are blessing, but it is one of the most famous and main reason of skin damages here in Pakistan where we have to see the summer or summer hot season for most of the time of years and that makes impossible for our skin to get the beautiful and smooth appearance so here are some simple tips for you to get beautiful skin.Skin Care In Pakistani Summer Season1

Water is the best thing that you could do to get beautiful  skin, you have to drink lots of water and when I say lots of water I mean drink more then you usually drink and wash your face as much as you can with plain running water and if you think that water of tab is a bit worm and not good for you skin then you can use cold water for that too, but if you are using plain water then it is good, but if you want to use sop then you can use the mildest sop possible and use salty water to wash your face three times a day and if you have some used lime peals then you can keep them in the bucket of the water that you use to wash your face.Skin Care In Pakistani Summer Season2

Fish Salmon is always available in the market and it is very good for your skin and your cells and if you want to get beautiful fresh and youthful skin then you can add this 4 times a week in your food and these small amount of fish will make you look like 5 years younger than your own age.

Mango is a great thing for beautiful skin and body and we are the country who exports Mango to the world so we can have it when we want and this one of the best source of vitamin A is a best thing that you can eat and apply on your face to get smooth and beautiful skin.

Low-fat yoghurt are very good for your skin and if you are living a very active and healthy life then you can use any regular yogurt too and I would say that eat yogurt every day and even small amount of it three times a day when you have eat the big meals of your day time and you can use it as a face mask too to get rid of tanning and sun damaged issues too as it is loaded with calcium, vitamin A and vitamin D  and it is very good for digestive system too and the good bacteria help you get  healthy body.

Drink lots of lemonade and plain water and eat healthy food and salads and wash your face many time to get beautiful skin.