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Skin Care Benefits of Tea Tree Oil


Homemade Remedies to Make Hair ThickerI am going to talk about the magical thing that I use not only for my sinus infection, but I use it for my skin and my body and today I am going to try to give you the information about some of the millions of benefits of that oil, although native Australian use the fresh leaves of Melaleuca alternifolia to get the benefits, but you can use Tea tree oil for the same responses and it is very effective too.Is It Dandruff Or Dry Scalp

First and the most famous use of tea tree oil are killing the bacteria and fungus, and you can treat almost all kind of allergic reactions with tea tree oil, you can use any essential oils with that and make a homemade antiseptic and antifungal agent and you can use it on your skin to heal cuts, burns and infections and it is very good to treat acne and pimples too.Skincare Spotlight, Tea Tree Oil Benefits

Tea tree oil is very good for your oral health too, take few drops in your mouth wash and gargling for once a week and if you have any sensitive teeth or gums issues then you can increase three times a week too…
Mix olive oil in one drop of tea tree oil and apply all over your face to treat acne, fungal infections, pimple and you can treat scabies and ring worm with same mixture too, if you have horrible old nail fungus then you just need to take one drop of tea tree oil in worm water then dip your nails in it and use it every day and it will solve your issues within a month.

Make a mixture of aloe vera gel and a few drops of tea tree oil and apply that mixture on your acne affected area and let it get dry for 10 minutes and then wash it off with chilled water and it will help your skin issues very effectively.

Now at the end let me tell you one thing, tea tree oil is a very harsh and strong oil so never ever use pure on your skin as it is very harsh for skin, always mix some kind of essential oil in it.