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Simple Smudgy Smokey Eye Tutorial- Smoky Smudged Eye Makeup Done Right


Smoky Smudged Eye Makeup Done RightThere are lots of things that you can try to get beautiful eyes, I personally thing that if you want to play safe then pick the couple of shades of the color of your own eye and blend all of them in perfect way and apply the light color or nude highlighter and then apply the moderate thickness of liner and you will love the look, just keep an eye on your blending and you will love the look, but if you want to look beautiful with cute light and smooth shades then here is a very easy and very simple look and let me tell you one thing that this is a look that not only keep you look fresh and beautiful, but it is very stylish and fascinating for your job place too, I like dark smoky eyes too, but they look pretty odd for office and job place,  give it a try, and see the result yourself.Easy, Sexy Smokey Eyes

First of all you need to apply some moisturizer and then some foundation or concealer and blend it well, I always say that if you trying smoky eyes then you need to make sure that you have perfect base for that, cause otherwise it will just pull all the attention toward your sunken eyes and dark circles.Simple Smudgy Eye Tutorial

Now apply some powdered primer or whatever you want to use as a base or primer on your eyes, and then take a dark brown eye shadow with a fluffy brush and apply it all over the lid and apply from lash line to eye brow bone and blend well, don’t add too much product though.How to do a wearable brown smokey eye

Now you need to take plain black eye kohl pencil and sue it to define the rim of your eyes and apply a bit on the water line too, but not too dark since we are using light shads and the thick line on the water liner would make your eyes look smaller and unimpressive, just make a fine lines, but you don’t need perfect steady hands for that cause we are going to smudge it later.

Now you need to take a clean pointy brush and smudge the eye kohl perfectly, use the in out technique for upper lid and the smooth outer strokes for the lower lash line and when you are done with that you need to take the same Kajal and make a very light V on the end of your outer corner of your eye lid to create the smoky touch and then smudge and blend the outer V inward by moving your brush inwards until you see any harsh lines.

Now this is now take a dark chocolate brown eye shadow and apply right on top of the black eye kohl, you can use thin brush for that too this will not only set your kohl and prevent it from smudging, but it   will give your eyes a softness and smoothness too, now at the end you need to take a light transparent compact powder and apply it on the brow bone and blend it well with your finger and curl your lashes with lash Curler and apply couple of coats of mascara.

Now you can take a light powder silver shade and apply on the inner corner of your eyes to get a brighter look:)
Hop you like it.