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Simple Makeup Bronzer & How to Use Bronzer Properly


Direct exposure to the sun is an effective but extremely dangerous way to get tan. In case of over exposure, you may suffer sun burn that in severe case can lead to skin cancer. Tanning beds is another option to get sun kissed glow but it too is as much dangerous as the sun.Simple Makeup Bronzer

Simple Makeup Bronzer

However, now you can get the desired glow without resorting to these traditional methods thanks to bronzers and sunless tanners. Like every beauty and skincare products, bronzers too come in different shades and textures to meet the individual requirements of everyone.

Bronzer TypesBronzer Types

Picking off a right bronzer can be somewhat tricky; you have to consider a few things while choosing the product. First you have to have clear idea about what type of end result you want to achieve. Do you want a shimmery finish or matte one? If you want shimmery finish, go for the bronzer with a shimmery finish and if you crave matte finish pick the product that offers you that finish. Bronzers are available in liquid (in stick or lighterweight form), cream (with and without shimmer) and powder (loose and pressed) forms. Body bronzer is also available that’s ideal for temporarily coloring entire body.

How To Use BronzerHow to Choose

For dry skins, cream or liquid bronzer with a shimmery finish is just perfect as it can give your skin a more hydrated appearance. If your skin is oily or combination, you may want to benefit from powder bronzers. And if your skin type is normal you are lucky enough as you can go for any of the three bronzers you like.

How to apply bronzerHow to Apply Bronzers

The simplest way to work with bronzer is to dust a little bronzer powder over your entire face. However, it should be done very diligently or you will end up with an overdone look. To prevent overdoing you may also want to work with cream or liquid bronzer. The subtlest way to put on bronzer is to add the color only to the topmost points of the face or to the zones where you usually get sun.