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Simple Eye Makeup tutorial


How To Apply Silver Eye Makeup TutorialThe look we are sharing today is a inspiring look, you just need to pick the good points from that look and see how you can pick the look that would suit you and how you can get a perfect look with just couple of shade, I have told you so many times that things vary from person to person, I don’t have very big or prominent eyes, but I do have large eyes, and that only give me a freedom to apply shades over my lids to make my eye look rounder and brighter and I always use all the tricks one can to get brighter and rounder eyes, let’s  start with the look.Natural Simple makeup Tutorial, Simple Eye Makeup tutorial

We will start with applying a thick layer of moisturizer and foundation or concealer and blend well, if you are applying a look for longer time of period then the first thing you need to understand is gluing your shades with your skin, and for that you should use best eye primer possible, but if you are not using the primer then you have to use foundation or concealer and then give it some time and you will see that these couple of minutes will save your look.Simple Eye Makeup tutorial

Now mean while your skin is absorbing the moisturizer, you can use the time to groom your eye brow and for that always pick eye shade instead of eye pencil, and then blend it well, then you need to take a very light, couple of shades lighter than your skin tone base and apply over your eyes, all over your lid and all around your eye, specially under your eyes and then blend well, now take a light brown shad and apply over your eye lid crease from outer coroner to inner coroner, now take lighter shiny brown shade with your blending brush and blend the crease with that and it will give your eyes a depth and shape too, now take the same brush and apply a fine line under your lower lash line and blend it with your finger.6 Eye-Makeup Tutorials & Ideas

Now you need to apply a dark wing with very steady hands, let it swing at the outer corner of your eye and then take a light brown eye pencil and draw a line under your lower lash line, but don’t cover your whole eye rim, just outer 1/3 and then finish the look with mascara, you can use nude eye pencil over your water line and some silver highlighter over your inner corner or your eye and over your eye brow bone.How to Create a Candy Corn Eye Makeup Look,Simple Eye Makeup tutorial