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Side Effects of Lip Plumper

Side Effects of Lip Plumper

Side Effects of Lip PlumperNowadays, it becomes a very popular fashion for women to use over-the-counter plumper to give their lips beautiful and sexy look. Unfortunately, the majority of females are unaware to the side effects of commercial lip plumper products.

In fact, the commercial lip plumper contains any irritant ingredient (such as chili pepper, ginger, mint, menthol or cinnamon) due to which, the lips swell temporarily and look fuller and pouty. In the reaction of irritant constituents, the blood vessels become dilate, so the blood flow to the lips increases. Sometimes, the use of irritant ingredient may cause more intense reactions like redness, swelling or rashy appearance etc.


The feeling of slight tingling and burning is a common result of lip plumper but if the itchiness becomes unbearable, its mean your skin has allergy to niacin that is used in the lip plumper to increase blood.


The appearance of skin eruption or rashes is another possible reaction of the lip plumper. It is to remember that if you have sensitive skin, the swelling, itching and redness may become a reason of high fever.


As I have mentioned in above lines that miner itchiness and burning reactions are closely related to the application of lip plumper but if your lips feel like they are on fire, you should remove the lip plumper immediately.


When you use a lip plumper, miner and temporary swelling is a must reaction to give your lips fuller and pouty look but no one wants shock-like swelling or eruptions. Cinnamon oil – that is most common ingredient of lip plumper – contains an ingredient cinnamic aldehyde that is known to cause allergic reactions.


Regular application of a lip plumper is a major cause of dry and cracked lips. For the proper protection of lips, you should choose the plumper that comprises a moisturizer like shea butter, aloe vera and sunflower oil.