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Shehla Chatoor Bridal Collection 2012

Shehla Chatoor Bridal Collection 2012

Shehla Chatoor Bridal Collection 2012Shehla Chatoor Bridal Collection 2012 of wedding a few days ago. Shehla Chatoor Bridal Collection 2012 includes wedding lehengas, basically. The collection includes dresses that can be worn for valima brides and weddings.

Traditional and contemporary jewelry reduction characterize stylish dresses in Shehla Chatoor Bridal Collection 2012. The colors used in Shehla Chatoor Bridal Collection 2012 include those used traditionally for the wedding dress, like red, green and gold. Like most other dresses wedding fashion, these wedding dresses to wear Shehla Chatoorr also strongly colored. However, the projects are truly unique.Shehla Chatoor Bridal Collection 2012

Shehla Chatoor began with “Shehla” her label in 1995. It is now one of the most famous labels in the industry of fashion. The designer provides the industry of wedding, formal and casual wear dresses for the ladies. She specializes in modern wedding fashion. A wide range of products are Shehla Chatoor. These include the bride’s dowry, formally, rushing, western formal, shoes, bags and accessories.

Shehla Chatoor wedding and off line, especially well-known in Pakistan. The designer took part in Fashion Week Pakistan and many other fashion shows. “Shehla” brand also received the award for their dresses. If you would like to contact the designer, you can do it by phone or email.

Shehla Chatoor Bridal Collection 2012 can be seen in the photos below.