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Self Manicure for Nail Beauty Look

Self Manicure for Nail Beauty Look
Self Manicure for Nail Beauty Look
Self Manicure for Nail Beauty Look
Self Manicure for Nail Beauty Look

If you love to have nice and pretty looking nails but do not want to spend money on getting them then read on; we will let you know the simple and quick tips to do self-manicure at home. For doing self-manicure following items are required; some of them are necessary and some are optional.

Compulsory Items

A nail filer and clipper
Moisturizing Lotion or Cream for Hands
Cuticle stick
Tepid soapy water
A shallow bowl

Optional Items

Nail polish
Nail polish remover
Q-Tips or Cotton balls


  1. If you have put on any nail polish remove it using nail polish remover. Soak a cotton ball or Q-Tips in the remover and rub it to the nails until the nail polish is completely removed.
  2. Rinse the hands thoroughly.
  3. Give a proper shape to the nails by trimming them. If your nails have become extra long and you want to reduce their length, cut off or file down them and if you just want to shape them then file away their corners with the nail filer. Don’t file the nails in “sawing” motion as the nails will become weak in this way. Instead, starting from the corner, move the filer in upward direction towards the center of the nail. Give oval or square shape to the nails. Leave the corners pointed and file the central part of the nails for shaping them square.
  4. Next, dissolve any soap, preferably any antiseptic soap, in warm water to make it soapy and dip your finger tips in that water. Keep them soaked for few minutes and at the end dry off the hands. This will soften up the cuticles and loosen the dirt accumulated under the fingernails.
  5. Make the nails and area around them absolutely dirt free.
  6. 6. Move back the cuticles gently with the help of the stick. Cutting the cuticles is also an option but it can cause infections sometimes.
  7. Moisturize cuticles and hands with a quality moisturizer that can render softness to your hands along with moisturizing them.

For men it is the last step of self-manicure. For women, there are two more steps

Put on nail polish meticulously; apply first coat and let it dry up. Once the first coat dries up fully, apply another coat for added shine. For making the nail polish look extra gleam. To prevent stomping and smudging ensure letting the first coat utterly dry up prior to the application of next one.

At the ends, when the last coat of nail polish gets fully dry, apply the moisturizer again, then you are ready to go anywhere.