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Selena Gomez Disses Justin Bieber In ‘Everybody Knows Dance’ Video


Selena Gomez Disses Justin Bieber In 'Everybody Knows Dance' VideoSelena Gomez’s new creation has become quite famous and controversial right from the time it has been launched on the YouTube this week. After splitting each other Justin Bieber and Selena were the hot topic for the Hollywood media gossips as once they were love for each other but now they even don’t like to see everyone and from January they are not in the relation.

There issue was just got disappeared but the recent move by the Selena has made it once again the topic to discuss as she has sung with the lyrics that, “Your boyfriend is a douchebag/ And everybody knows”, Critics and some of the other people are say that she have Said these word for her ex boyfriend Justin Bieber.

20-years old actress, singer and songwriter is just going to launch her new album which is said to be the most “confessional” in this context she have launched a video on the YouTube.

That dancing video has gone controversial when people start to observe that particular line in which sh have said that, “Your boyfriend is a d*****bag and everybody knows …You know he’s got somebody on the side, girl … I really think it’s time girl, you quit defending him.”

In that video everybody can see that Selena Gomez has dressed in the same manners as Justin Bieber use to wear in normal routine that is hoodie over her head and low-slung trousers. But it is not quite cleared that whether Selena has made a direct diss to Justin through this video or she is just trying to make the people attentive to her videos by using these kind of words.

While on the other side Justin is quite busy in the unlike stuff as his current music tour is not going well as it was expected by him or other fans. Following the different incidents like turning up on stage two hours late, ended up in hospital due to her breath problem and argued with a paparazzo he is trying to make her image good by writing a lot on the twitter.