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Secret Tips To Ultimate Beauty


Secret Tips To Ultimate BeautyIf you want to get a beautiful and naturally healthy skin then you need to start with your basic and you need to start from the rots, like you eat healthy and you apply healthy and you need to treat your skin and your body smartly to get the smart results and here are some simple tips for your to get tremendous beauty and these will actually help you get the physical best out of you.Secret Tips To Ultimate Beauty1

Clean Skin: – if you want to have beautiful skin then you need to maintain three things, cleanings, scrubbing and moisturizer, and the most important thing is use home remedies, use natural things to clean your skin and get smooth and beautiful  skin, you should clean your skin from head to toe every day, you need to understand one thing very careful, the day you skip the cleansing will add a day in your age and the day you clean your skin will add a day in your beauty and youth, no matter what season is this you have to apply oil on your whole body and massage and then take a good shower with scrubbing brush or gloves and use muslins clothe for your face and body and you will love the results.Secret Tips To Ultimate Beauty2

Beautiful Hair:-Use oiling and scrubbing three times a week to get beautiful and healthy hair, this is a ultimate tip to have beautiful and healthy hair, you can use any essential oil for your hair, olive oil, coconut oil, mustard oil and jojoba oil are best and if you have oily skin then use citric fruits oil with these and you can use lavender oil for your schlep too to get beautiful silky hair  and use milk soaked red lentil paste for scrubbing your scalp and use beer, apple cider vinegar or honey for moisturizer your hair and you have to get your hair trimmed every month, no matter how healthy they are you need to trim then at least one inch a month.

Healthy Smile: – use peppermint oil for your lips everyday at and then scrub it off with the muslin cloth to get beautiful naturally read and beautiful lips and brush your teeth with salt twice a day before brushing them with tooth paste and you can use baking soda once a week to get tremendous results and you should rub your teeth and gums with tomato to get fresh red gums and smile and consume the recommended daily dosage of vitamins and minerals, via milk, fruits and vegetables, to help strengthen teeth and gums.

Manicured Nails: – rub sweet almond oil on your hands and feet every day and scrub them off with read lentil paste and clean your nails with lime and brush and apply garlic juice on your nails every night, never grow your nails longer than half inches, they are not safe and if you want have artificial nails then you can for something important, but don’t use too much.

Apply castor oil on your lashes and eye browns to get thicker and longer hair and last but not least, eat healthy and run for 45 minutes twice a day and drink lots of water.