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Sarah Silverman Before And After Abortion Photos Controversy


Sarah Silverman's Controversial Before And After Abortion PhotosSarah Silverman, full name Sarah Kate Silverman, is again on the first page of criticism. She is also known for her dirty mouth. She is again in the celebrities gossips because of her new action toward her self.

She has got abortion after getting pregnant. The pictures of her pregnancy and after abortion are twitted by her self on the internet in which she is looking pregnant with a puffed belly standing with her boyfriend Alec Sulkin.

While in the other picture she is looking again in perfect and regular body with the flat tummy raising her shirt up till belly. There is also a caption in which she is saying “Got a quickie aborsh in case R v W gets overturned.”

What does it means that she has done a joke with her self. Did she do this for the publicity or the problem is something else, nobody among us knows but that is really a bad thing that someone did abortion just for a perception of her own that if “R v W Gets overturned”.

It means she is not sure even by herself because she said “In Case” in her message. Abortion it self is a sort of murder, murder of some one who is innocent and getting ready to come in the world and if any woman do abortion without any reasons it means you are killing some one with out any reason.

If the Sarah Silverman has chosen this way to get fame and attraction of the viewers this is really a cheap way and no one should approach this. Everyone is criticizing on her act that, why did she do this to her self. But the only one thing she has achieved by doing this that now she is in the media.