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Samia Ahmed’s Latest Pret Collection

Samia Ahmed's Latest Pret Collection

Samia Ahmed's Latest Pret CollectionPakistan is famous around the world for various reason and one of those reasons is the tradition and culture of Pakistan. Well, we should appreciate the Pakistani Fashion Industry for that cause that all their fame is just because of their mean less efforts.

Pakistani fashion industry has progressed in very short span of time and within the decade Pakistani Fashion Designers has just got the international fame around the world that is why today among all the other Asian countries Pakistani fashion designers are also considered as the best fashion creator in the world well among all these fashion developer some of the designers has worked very hard in the very first decade of 21st century and Samia Ahmad is one who has launched her label in 2005 when the need of that was on the peak.

Samia Ahmad is considered as one of the strongest pillar of the fashion industry of Pakistan. She has not only worked in the fashion industry but she also has worked a lot for the fashion industry in the country. Samia can be called as the born fashion designer as after getting graduate from the Indus Valley School of Art she decided to stepped in the fashion industry although she was without professional experience at that time but she launched her own label in the fashion market of Pakistan.Samia Ahmed's Latest Pret Collection

She launched the label with her name Samia Ahmad and right from that time she start work with great passion she has specialization in creating mehndi and bridal couture. So she has launched a lot of pert couture collection on different occasions from 2005 and received a great appreciation from their fans and other fashion designers.

Samia Ahmed's Latest Pret Collection

Well, Saima Ahmad is going to launch a collection with the name of Samia Ahmed’s Latest Pret Collection to the fashion market in Pakistan which is expected to be one of the best fashion collection of her creations. In that collection she has introduced a really different style and sense of dressing, it also include ready to wear dresses for the fashion lovers.