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Runway Makeup For The Real Way


Runway Hair and Beauty MakeoversToday we are going to talk about some main tricks to get runway look in day today life and for that we will pay attention from head to toe, I would say that if you are going to use that kind of glamorous look in your real life then I want you to try something loud and something extremely glamorous dress too and accessories it with best shoes and bag and I want you to carry some stylish jewelry with that dress too and then it will compliment your face .Runway Makeup Your Way
Here is a list of things that you should try to get a runway look in real way look.

Feminine Eyes: – I am going to try something very bold and dusty, and I think lavender shadow look great with gray eyes and for that we will apply a shiny lavender eye shadow all over the eye lid from lash to eye lower crease and then blend it upward till your eye brow bone and that will make it slightly light, then I want you to take plain white shade and apply that over your upper crease and blend it well to enhance the arch and use light brown eyebrow shade and fill your lashes and pair it with a soft gray eyeliner and apply gray mascara and let it get dry, if you are bold enough then you can use fake lashes , at the end take some glossy glitter and rub it at the edges of your lashes to give your lashes a dramatic touch, you can use petroleum jelly or Vaseline with glitter too and it will make you look like a real life modal, in short lines, you need to use Intensify the shadow and swap in black liner and add some traumatic touch to your lashes to get a runway look.
Makeup Fall 2013 Runway
Next thing that you need to do to get a perfect runway look is get a best and finest skin illusion, you need to look perfect so take dramatic steps to look perfect, and you need to apply perfect shade of foundation or concealer, you need to pick a foundation or concealer that has little extra glow and light coverage with transplant finish, and then swap a fluffy brush all over your face to cover the shine and add some transparent loose powder  and once you are done with that, carry a face powder with your to give some touch ups when require.Runway Makeup For The Real Way

Now you need Feminine Cheeks to get a perfect look and I would say use a darker shade of your natural cheeks, like if you have light rose pink shade then take pink and then start blending it form the hair line and blend it in underneath the apple of your cheeks and then take some highlighter and stork it exactly over your cheeks and blend well till it start looking like it is the natural shine of your skin, in short line, concentrate the color on the apples of the cheeks and then drag it up and out into the hairline, and once you apply the shad, never take more shade, keep blending the same shade, and that is a trick to get perfect and natural shade, but as we took the sharper shade then it will give you a runway look.Runway Makeup - Bold Dramatic Looks

To get perfect Feminine Lips, you need to use lipstick, not lip-gloss and you need to use stronger color with glossy finish, and you can use a mat finish too, if you are pretty good with that.

Best of luck