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Royal Wedding Anniversary: Kate Middleton and Prince William Photos Throught Year


Kate Middleton And Prince William rode back to the palace earlier on Friday, after marrying in a historic ceremony before 1,900 guests on 29 April 2011 at Westminster Abbey in London.

Millions of people were waiting eagerly of the “ROYAL KISS” since many years back when Prince Charlis and Princess Diana made a kiss on their “Royal Wedding. The royal wedding was the ceremony which became the biggest event that was being watched by the viewers around the world.

Prince William and his bride Catherine Middleton made their highly anticipated appearance on the balcony of Buckingham Palace, answering the crowd’s calls for the first public kiss of their marriage.

The wedding was widely broadcast on television, internet, and radio in up to 180 countries. After just one year of their marriage, Kate Middleton And Prince William have become the most popular couple of the Royal Family and Kate Middleton has become the most popular family member.

Kate always steals the show whenever she attends any ceremony, red carpet or other festival. Last week, she was also named “Best Dressed of 2011.

A Year back, no one can ever forget the stunning Pippa Middleton who walked into Westminster Abbey, stealing headlines from her sister Kate Middleton at her royal wedding with Prince William where Pippa was she was the maid of honor at her sister’s wedding to Prince William, Duke of Cambridge, second in the line of succession to Queen Elizabeth II.

At the wedding, Pippa Middleton’s white figure-hugging dress, which like the bride’s was created by Sarah Burton, was highly praised in the media.

On the Royal Wedding day, a Twitter account was set up especially to discuss Pippa Middleton’s backside. While on the other hand, more pictures of 27-years old Pippa Middleton have surfaced, in which her incredibly toned body is barely hidden by any clothing.

Pippa Middleton wearing nothing more than a purple push up bra and flimsy white slip, with an half naked man stood behind her, giving her some ‘bump and grind’ action? There are 300 and 400 photos of Pippa which are received by the picture editor of Britain’s Daily Mail newspaper Paul Silva on his desk.

The sexy photographs of Pippa Middleton showed the 28-year-old stripped down to a purple push-up bra and flimsy white slip with a semi-nude companion doing a close bump and grind dance behind her.

The chic appearance of Pippa Middleton immediately shot her to stardom and made her the talking point over social networks. On the royal wedding day, the Twitter account was set up for discussion on Pippa Middleton’s backside.

Pippa was also in an Alexander McQueen dress like her sister, broke the rule of never wearing white to another woman’s wedding.

 Photos Credit: DailyMail