Romantic Valentine’s Day Looks to Set Your Heart

Two Sweet Valentine’s Day LooksFebruary has started and we know that it is the time to start planning an extra special look to rock this Valentine’s Day, we know that each and everyone would be looking for a look with red shade since red is the shade of love and it is one of the most trendy shads too, but if you want something different and something sweet and light then try pick and for all of you we are sharing two very beautiful yet very different looks and I am hoping that you will like these two.Red-Hot Star Styles to Mimic for Valentine's Day

Light Sweet Pink: – I personally think that Valentine’s Day is a sweet day and you don’t really need to look super hot or sexy on this day, it is  a day to enjoy and celebrate your love and for that you should look sweet instead hot.
Celebrities Wearing Red Outfits for Valentine's Day
We will start with a primer and we will apply it all over the lid and blend well and it will keep the shades in place and will help you get better looks too , now we will take the smooth soft, shimmery pink color and apply over the inner third of your lid and blend it well now we will take the richest champagne shade you have and dab it onto the center of your lid and blend it well with the pink color, now we will take bright cherry, brown-plum hue and we will cover the outer corner of the lid and blend and create crease with that too and keep blending till you get a transparent look , now you need to take lose gold particles and tab apply over the lid and on the inner corner of your eyes too, now take liner brush and apply the cherry shade we used earlier and apply on the lower lash line and now take the same gold powder and apply on the lower lash line too.

Now take black gel liner and line the upper lash line and apply over the water line too and finish the look with mascara and you are done, apply natural pink lip gloss with that and you are ready to go.

Bright & Strong Pink: – well this is one of the easiest look possible, it will take the 10 minutes of your time and you will be ready.

We will start by applying the moisturizing primer all over the lid and then blend it well and then we will take the richest flamingo pink eye shadow and pat it all over your lid and blend well, now take the plain silver shade and apply right center of your lid and take shimmer pastel pink highlight and smudge the lid with that, now we will take matte, dark brown color and apply at the outer v and blend it well and let it blend it in the crease too, keep blending gradually inwards across your crease without overpowering the pink eye shadow.

Now we will take black gel line and line the lower lash line and upper lash line and then link it up with the outer v now we will take plain white or light champagne eye shadow and apply over the brow bone and some on the inner corner of the eyes and keep blending till it get transparent, now you need to take bright glittery pink liquid eyeliner or pen  and apply on the lower 1/3 or lower lash line and then apply over the black line too and let it extend outwards into a wing or cat eye shape and finish the look with mascara.

Best of luck.

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