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Razor Burn Treatment and Prevention


As soon as the swimsuit season reaches, desire of women to have hairless, smooth and silky skin reaches at its peak. This ultimate desire provokes most of ladies to restore to the shaving treatment. With a number of pros, shaving treatment has a few drawbacks as well, most common of which is razor burn.

Razor burn is often caused by recurrent improper shaving. Consequently skin of the sufferer is covered with a tickly rash which brings lots of discomfort and causes ingrown hair and skin infections.

Common causes of razor burn include

  • Using a shaving cream or soap that isn’t apt for your skin.
  • Using a dull razor for shaving.
  • Pressing too hard.

Prevent Razor Burn

  • Employing a sharp razor and squashing it light handedly across your skin may help you avoiding razor burn. A few other things you can do to prevent razor burn are as follow;
  • Make use of a thick shaving cream devised specifically for sensitive skin. Damp the area you are going to shave and allow the cream to absorb in your skin for a couple minutes for beast outcome.
  • Be sure shaving in the direction of your natural hair growth. While shaving your legs, work your way downward-from thighs to feet- rather than upward. Facial hair usually grows downward in the direction of the neck.
  • Shave sparingly and gradually. Don’t run the razor over two times on the same area. Be careful while shaving already bumpy skin to avoid nicking it.
  • Rinse the razor blades between the strokes for smoother cutting.
  • Moisturize your skin after drying off with a hypoallergenic and odor-free lotion.

Treating Razor Burn

Razor burn can be easy relieved by using a comforting lotion for rashes. Products made from natural ingredients such as rose hip oil, aloe Vera or snail serum etc can help alleviating any irritation caused by shaving.