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Quick & Easy Party Makeup Tricks


Quick & Easy Party Makeup TricksIf you want to look glamorous in short time of period then you just need to see what are the perfect moves that you can try to get the perfect look, I would say that if you don’t have too much time then never go for experimenting and always play safe and I can bet that you will look as rocking as always.Quick & Easy Party Makeup Tricks 1

you just need to know what kind of shimmer is your shimmer and you just need to apply it on the right spots for a sophisticated effect that lets you sparkle and bring out your natural glow and you need to use right strokes and pick the look and stock with that, don’t jump from one look to another cause that was what we were talking about earlier that is not allowed to do when you don’t have time.Quick & Easy Party Makeup Tricks 2

You can use all over shimmer foundation and then you can use a luminizing lotion or cream apply the subtle sheen in three areas, on the cheekbones, under your brows, and on the inner corners of your eyes and trust me you are ready to challenge beyonce, BTW I really like her.

When you do not have time then use tricks to make your eyes look the most fascinating point in your face, and when you want to enhance your eyes then use liquid liner and some easy strokes are great eye popping, and if you use tight lining then your eyes would look so beautiful and fascinating , with that you just need to apply a regular black pencil, right along the lash line from inner corner  till your outer corner, but never apply anything on lower line cause that will make your eyes smaller and deep, in bad way .

Bronzer are a gift from heaven, you just need to apply the best foundation and then puff some face powder and the only thing you need on your face is some mineral bronzer as it can make a magic with just a small amount of shimmer and it will bring your look to nighttime with a pretty sun kissed glow and I like the natural look you can show with that, I like it and I bet you too, but you need to be really very careful with that and you just need to use the right shade and the right amount of it too and always use the big and broad makeup brush.

When you have time to apply petroleum jelly or Vaseline before applying the lip liner and lipstick then you can apply lipstick and nothing is more authentic then it, but if you don’t have time then don’t take a risk, use lip gloss.