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Quick Beauty Tips

Quick Beauty Tips

In today’s busiest and hectic life, it becomes very hard for everyone to find enough time for taking care of skin. Here we have discussed some of the quick beauty tips that help you to enhance your beautiful features in little time.

One product without which achieving perfect makeup look is quite hard is concealer. The trick is very simple to pick the right shade of concealer. Always go for the shade lighter than your natural skin tone as you don’t want to up looking too pale and overdone. Apply this product to your face and other areas and blend it well using your fingertips. Dust a little amount of loose powder to set the concealer.

If you have a quite clear complexion, it’s better to avoid foundation application as it starts caking and streaking your face after some time.

Quick Beauty TipsThe makeup of any type cannot be completed without beautifying the lips with your favorite color. Always apply a lip brush to apply a lip stick. Before applying a lip color, draw an outline using lip liner in a shade closely to you lipstick. A lip liner gives your lips a perfect definition. To give your lips more plumper look, apply the lip gloss right in the center of your lower rim. To make your lips fuller and defined, apply a concealer over your lip liner.

For the girls having puffy eyes, here is an instant solution. Place chilled spoons on the top of your eyelids for a couple of minutes. After applying eye-shadow, apply several coats of voloumnizing or lengthening mascara to your eyelashes to open up your eyes and give them more dramatic appeal. Don’t forget to curl the lashes before applying mascara. Give your eyes makeup a perfect look using different hues of eye liners. Brown, moss green, navy blue, turquoise, all shades are ideal for the females having fair complexion.

Females with pale complexion can get an attractive appearance through a quick sweep of blush, which is available in the markets in different forms like powder, gel, cream, mousse and tints.  Pick out any formulation according to your choice and apply it on the apple of you cheeks for a smooth and perfect appearance.