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Protein Hair Pack Homemade For Beautiful Hair

protein hair pack

protein hair packProtein Hair Pack Homemade For Beautiful Hair. There are so many hair products including hair car and hair nourishment that claim that they are loaded with the healthy and well required proteins and if you feel that you are losing hair pigments, hair are losing the strength, you getting dry and dull looking hair and if you feel that you need something to get beautiful  soft hair then you can use ready to use things, conditioners, shampoos, hair serums, hair softeners and other things too, and once you get the things that suit to your hair, you will see beautiful  hair every time you wash your hair, but if you need something that make your protein hair pack and your scalp healthy and  beautiful  from inside out and make your hair beautiful  naturally they  you need to add some minerals and some vitamins in your hair, protein hair pack and the most important thing that your hair needs badly is portions, you need to add healthy amount of protein in your diet and you need to apply it externally too and today we are sharing a very simple, yet very affective protein mask for your hair and you can try that every week or twice a week and that will actually show you some  magical results, so are you ready to try my all time favorite protein mask to get beautiful, protein hair pack and healthy hair.

Protein Hair PackProtein Hair Pack Homemade For Beautiful Hair

Here are some simple ingredients that you need to make that protein mask for your hair.

First of all we will take 2 EGG which is The Best and the most inexpensive protein that you can add in your diet and in your mask to get all the rich vitamins and minerals to get beautiful and healthy hair and scalp and protein hair pack it is very good for your skin and your body too.

Coconut oil has a natural affinity to human hair protein.COCONUT OIL which is my all time favorite moisturizer cause that is one thing that you can apply even on damaged skin and it will heal and help your skin instantly and you will get soft and moisturizer skin immediately and when you apply that on your hair, you get healthy vitamin E and A and Protein Hair Pack at the same time all the minerals coconut have.

Protein Hair TreatmentHONEY is a natural moisturizer and Protein Hair Pack it is one of the strongest and the mild antiseptics, anti-fungal, antibacterial agent which not only help your skin to get moisturizer and healthy, it fight with bad germs too.

LEMON is very good to remove dirt and dust and it help to treat unhealthy oil glands too, no matter if they are overactive or under-active, and you can treat rough scalp and dandruff.

Essential Oil normally I use to get the aromatic impacts of essential oils because I cannot stand with the smell of eggs and I like to get some heavenly smell in my pack too.

First of all break the egg and keep the egg white and yolk in a bowl and then we will add 2 tablespoons of coconut oil, 1 tablespoon honey, 1 lemon juice, couple of drops of essential oil drops and mix it well and now we will apply it on the root to tip of your hair with very smooth hands, don’t be too harsh on your hair, just rub gently and give it some time and then we will cover the hair and head with shower cap and let it sit on the scalp and hair for like 1-3 hours and then we will wash with plain cold water and any mild shampoo, you can use it every week or twice a week,Protein Hair Pack Homemade For Beautiful Hair, it is very good for healthy and beautiful  hair.