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How To Do Prom Makeup For Blue Eyes

Prom Makeup Of Blue Eyes

Prom Makeup Of Blue EyesHow To Do Prom Makeup For Blue Eyes.No matter which makeup look you are going including vintage-inspired, boasts major glamor, is bold and colorful, or simple and elegant, you need to make sure it look good on your and enhance the good features or your face and cove up the bad or less perfect features and for that you can do one thing, try the whole look once before the big night and click a picture with at least three angles and you will know exactly how you look with that look.

Prom Makeup For Blue EyesCool make up ideas for blue eyes

We will start with perfectly flawless base and then apply some light then skin tone and apply it over the skin all around your eye and then groom your eye brow and blend well, now we will take light peach or pink shade creamy or powder and apply it all over your lid and blend well, now take pure shiny golden lose powder and apply it over the movable lid and blend horizontal styles, now take light brown mat powder with blending brush and blend golden shade with that and blend a bit over the crease too, now take gray brown shade and apply over the crease, what you need to do is take gray brown eye pencil and apply a thick line over the crease and then take blending brush and blend it well over the crease and over the outer corner too, take the same pencil and wing it at the outer corner and then blend it well, now take yellow highlighter and apply on the tear duct and blend well.Make up tips for blue eyes

Now take the same gray brown eye pencil and apply on the lower lash line and smudge well, now take gel liner and line your rim and apply thick line and then take gel liner and apply a thick line over the upper lash line and apply a thick wing like a cat eye, but don’t met the liens on the inner corner, but you need to joint outer liners together and now finish the look with thick mascara.Best Eye Makeup Tutorials

Now take light sliver or whiter transparent highlighters and apply on the inner corner of your eye, on the skin of your lower lash line and apply some over the bone and then blend it well.How to Make your blue eyes

That is one simple yet very bright and fascinating look for your prom night and I am seriously hoping that you will get all the attention you like, it is one simple look that makes your blue eyes pop bright and I am hoping that you will give it a try.

Best of luck