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Project Runway! FPW 2012 Power House Finale


It has been proven that Pakistani fashion Industry is going on the peak as the live example is front of us in the shape of FPW4 (Fashion Pakistan Week 4). It has just stunned the people with the blasting creation of the fashion designers in such a unique and stylish way that nobody can stop himself without admiring the work of each of the fashion creator. The grand finale has just rock the fashion worlds of the Pakistan and it is expected after the end of the FPW4 in Pakistan a new fashion era would going to be start.

Well, FPW4 (Fashion Pakistan Week 4) had been organized by the top fashion designers and the PFDC (Pakistan Fashion Designers Council) and that was the fourth edition of the fashion week so the day three of the Fashion Pakistan Week was full of styles and designs as the one of the top designers of Pakistan Maheen Karim displayed her creation to the fashion lover a receive not only appreciation but a new age of admiration. She explored new ways for the fashion lovers and for the fashion lovers who has just entered the fashion industry.

She has worked a lot that her designs are really blasting and devasting that which took every one on the edge of the seats it was called as the veritable Gold Mine of style pros.

Than here came the number of another top fashion designer of Pakistan that is Misha Lakhani she has made the fashion not only style but also a comfort her biggest creation was the compressing the two tones of silk into one dress for the FPW4. Misha Lakhani is known as the fashion designer in the fashion industry of Pakistan who has made her feet very strong in a very short span of time and now she has dazzled the fashion lovers by her stunning ideas.

Delphi was in the last to display her creation but she is not the least as she has her own name and respect in the fashion industry of Pakistan as she has worked really a lot not in the fashion industry but for the fashion industry of Pakistan and now once again she has carried on with her tradition of creating nothing but just the best. She become more appreciated by her splendid classis and timeless crochet collection which was featuring the eastern and western cuts in the same ensembles.