Pregnant Kim Kardashian Shows Off Baby Bump, ‘I’m eating for two now’

Pregnant Kim Kardashian Shows Off Baby Bump, 'I'm eating for two now'World’s most publicity-loving woman is quite worried now a day as she is pregnant and going to become a mother soon. This may be the biggest and happiest news for Kim Kardashian but she is worried too because her famous hourglass curves are getting affected in highly manners through this baby bump.

With the passage of time the Kim Kardashian is losing her curves and her beauty as she have to be careful while working out in the gym and have to eat more than a normal diet and this is effecting him badly.

Well, recently she appeared in the set of the reality show “Keeping Up With The Kardashians in Los Angeles” she was dressed in a beautiful outfit but looking uneasy due to the zip on her skirt on the rear side.

Pregnant Kim Kardashian Shows Off Baby Bump, 'I'm eating for two now'2

32 year old Kim Kardashian is considered as one of those celebrities who like publicity in different means and they always remain to get viral on the internet and to become the hot topic for the gossip.

But this time the scene was quite unlike as the Kim was trying to hide herself behind her bodyguard which ends with a bad experience that the body guard stepped on her toe unexpectedly.

Kim Kardashian was dressed beautifully hard working skirt with a pair of pale pink Louboutins featuring delicate straps at the ankle, and a matching blouse in Los Angeles on Tuesday.

Kim was looking quite worried about her featured skirt that it must not be undone to downward as she kept her hand close to the zipper when she came out of her car. Despite of everything she still have a beautiful and attractive curves on her body.

Kim wrote on her blog about her life during expecting “Keeping a healthy lifestyle has always been important to me and now it’s even more important because I am looking out for someone else’s well being other than just my own” She continued “I’ve been researching recipes and healthy eating tricks to make sure that I get the right nutrition now that I’m eating for two! For me it’s about maintaining a well-balanced eating and fitness plan.”

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