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Pregnancy Myths Debunked & Let’s DeBunk the Pregnancy Myths


Having a baby is such an exciting and somewhat scary time specially if it is a very first time when you are carrying a baby, you know nothing and you are listing millions of things, every woman, even some man would love to keep adding some new things in your mind and they would talk so strongly that you would feel that they all are right and you need to follow all of these, even if your gynecologist says you are safe, still you want to follow all of these myths which have no authentic data.Pregnancy Myths Debunked

Pregnancy Myths Debunked

Today I am going to talk about some simple myth which might be killing you throughout your pregnancy.

No Lovemaking During PregnancyNo Lovemaking During Pregnancy: – Well this is a bit funny, I would not go too deep in this matter, but it is funny, you can always have an intimate time with your partner during pregnancy, until you are getting uncomfortable and not getting these vibes, otherwise it is absolutely fine, your little one is very secure in there, protected by 7 layers of skin from the abdominal wall to the amniotic sac and he has nothing to do what you two are doing.

First Babies Always Arrive LateFirst Babies Always Arrive Late: – Well not true and has no medical reason behind this, I bet there would be so many old wives who would be saying that don’t worry your baby would be late because it’s your first baby, it’s understandable that it may take a little longer to arrive because? What is the reason behind this? I know that there are so many things which you would be doing new, but your body was engineered this way and you know it or not, your body knows how to do it and it will do it at perfect time.

Women love to determine the gender of your baby by looking at your bumpLook Big, Its Girl: – Women love to determine the gender of your baby by looking at your bump; I have seen people betting on that too if you have lots of woman in your social circles, if they are saying that your high bump shows that you’re having a girl then ask for a reason, a logic, a explanation and if they cannot give you one, then make them stop cause you might going to have a baby boy, so don’t fall for the predictions cause the shape and size of your bump just show how you are carrying your pregnancy, if you are lazy then you are going to look big and if you are active then you will look slim and small.

Your Heartburn Shows Your Baby Has Fuller HeadYour Heartburn Shows Your Baby Has Fuller Head: – And this is the funniest thing I have ever heard, woman normally does get chills or heart burns, and it is a part of your pregnancy, woman eat spicy during that time and that cause heartburn or chills, it does not mean it is related with the hairy baby cause you are not carrying your baby in your stomach, do you? Funny isn’t it.

You Are Having a GirlCarving for Sweet? You Are Having a Girl! Well I know a woman from my own family who ate just fruits ad cakes during her pregnancy throughout the time, and many old woman of our family  were 100% sure that she is having a girl, guess what? Pregnancy Myths Debunked,She had a boy with a little high glucose in his blood ;( your craving tells nothing about the gender of your baby, there is no actual evidence to prove that food cravings have anything to do with the gender of your baby, so eat whatever you want, I would say eat healthy and well balanced, that is good for your own baby,Pregnancy Myths Debunked.

Be logical and stay happy, that is what you need during this time,Pregnancy Myths Debunked.