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PPQ Amazed The People On The First Day Of London Fashion Week


PPQ Fashion ShowA new era of fashion and style has just been begun for a very short  time period in the London and it has dragg all the fashion lover under its magician spell, The London Fashion Week has just started and you can guess the importance of that particular fashion week that right on the first day the onlooker has become dazzled with the opening fashion collection display. It was PPQ Clothing which has just stunned the with the fashion collection which has been especially made for the parties in night. Each every dress contained in the collection was just like Wow.

PPQ Collection 1

It was an awesome night for the fashion lover and if any one of them has missed it he have missed a lot. Well PPQ Clothing has just displayed the best collection ever which has made to people to come to the edge of their seats with mouth open wide. The collection has been launched by the brand is especially made for the spring season to meet the rising requirement of the fashion industry.

PPQ Collection

Percy dryly Said about the Brand that, “‘We used to be so juvenile and childish.’ His humor is actually so incredibly dry I’m not sure if he’s being sarcastic or not. But, still laconic, he briefly goes on to clarify: ‘We have gone past teenage years and we are in our early twenties…”

PPQ Collection 2
PPQ Collection 3

It was an awesome collection for the fashion loving ladies which includes a lot like bodycon mini dresses, puffball dresses, ostrich feather trim brought, wool coats and some elegant evening wear. There was also a display of the collection of other fashion accessories.

PPQ Collection 4