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Portion Control for Weight Loss


Portion Control for Weight Loss2If you are looking or the best diet plan then the best according to the some diet and physic experts, the best diet plan I six times a day, although it sound a bit funny and difficult too, cause we don’t eat  that much, we are living in the time of compaction and if we eat breakfast then the next thing that we chew in our diner and that is the reason of our unhealthy lifestyle and body, cause the main reason of fat is that we don’t eat enough food and we cannot eat that much, but if you know how much you should eat you will start getting a healthy life automatically.Portion Control for Weight Loss

If you want to lose weight then you need to eat right food, right portion and on right time and if you really know how many time you should eat then you will never wonder why all these girls who keep munching almost everything have such a perfect body…. eating and digesting is the hardest thing that we can make our body to do, human being are very lazy and so do our system, when we see something huge we go sleepy and that is what our body do, if we eat one big meal and then go empty stomach for whole day then your body is going to store that meal for bad times and you will get fatter after every meal.

so here are some very simple and good tips for you to get healthy lifestyle.

We are going to shares some simple tips with you and see if you get in this lifestyle or not, From beginning I will not say that get on boiled and steamed food at once from your junk food routine cause that is not fair and not even possible, so just start from cutting down with the portions, start eating smaller portions, if you eat one pack of chips, have just half of it, if you are habit of eating one pack of chicken and chips then start sharing it with someone else too and you will see that it will start making your stomach smaller, and if you still feel hungry then eat apple, one carrot or one cucumber, you can eat whatever you want…. just start with smaller portion and best is if you ask half of serving and any takeaways and fast-food restaurant will handle that for you.Portion Control for Weight Loss1

Now, when you are getting used to of it then start replacing three food of the day with some healthy foods, but you need to make sure that you are eating enough food for one time and you need to eat six time a day and two snacks of the day is including in that six times of meal, now you can eat two big meals cooked at home with lots of vegetables and fruits and it is good if you are eating uncooked food or fresh vegetables with some backed or steamed meat too.

Now the main and the perfect rule of the small portion and that is you can eat a small portion which will get fit in your own palm and you need to eat 4 meals of that size and one handful of nuts and one serving of fruits and you are set for perfect weight lose.