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Pippa Middleton Spotted Kissing New Boyfriend


Pippa Middleton Spotted Kissing New BoyfriendShe has a lot of reasons to celebrate even her late arrival to the finish line as she is getting fame in in the world by different means. It is said that when you are happy you enjoyed every single minute of your life despite the facts that you are actually not perfect same is here in the Pippa’s case.

Well, here the reason of happiness for the Pippa Middleton the younger sister of Duchess of Cambridge, her new Boyfriend. As you see after clinching the 233rd position in the Marathon Race she was looking very happy and posed with her new beau as she has just won the Ski Marathon Race.

People have noticed her unlike smile very deeply and most of the person have called her boyfriend the reason of her happiness. 29 year old Pippa Middleton has derived the attention of the people on herself by passing a smile and giving a kiss to her new 35 year old boyfriend stockbroker Nico Jackson.

The smile was really unlike as she cross the finish line of Ski Marathon on 233rd out of 494 skiers in her class. And when she reunited with Nico she posed for the photographer in the winning style and giving a smile. Pippa Middleton completed the Engadin Ski Marathon which was 42 miles long in 2:48 hours and clinched the 2:48 hours.

She came eight minutes behind 35 years old Nico and Half an hour behind her 25 years old brother James Middleton said after completing that “I’m not tired at all”. The accomplished skier, holidaying in Swiss resort St Moritz with her family and boyfriend, had reason to feel relaxed in the cross-country race.

Last year she joined the Ski race in Vasaloppet in Sweden which was much longer than current race and around 15,800 other people joined that race, While Pippa completed that race in seven hours.