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Pia Rizza Is Leaking Her Own Racy Photos Online


Pia Rizza Is Leaking Her Own Racy Photos OnlineThe star of the famous reality television series on VH1 from America has made the fans and the people from her friends and family quite wonders by giving a statement that the racy photo of her containing her nude body has been talking by her and she has personally given that photos to the TMZ and made them allow to publish that stuff but the pictures has gone leaked and get into the wrong hands.

Well some of the people from her close source and other are saying that Pia Rizza have done it intentionally to drag the attention of the people of “Playboy” on herself or to get the fame in the media through this kind of cheap manners.

Pia Rizza was in the gossip of the media last year On October 14, 2012 when she tweeted her account by writing that, “#MobWivesChicago is over now I don’t see the need to keep reliving the drama that killed the show time 2 move forward new chapter new time”, and now she is in the media again after her controversial photos have gone viral on the internet.

Pia has amazed everyone by saying that she have given her photo to the TMZ by her self and want them to publish them. It has been stated that these are the same photographs which she sent to her boyfriend to get some feedback on whether she had the right stuff for Playboy.

Later on Pia told the TMZ that the photos has gone into the wrong hands who are willing to sell these photos without her permission. This may be planned as she want to get the attention of the Playboy teams on herself that she can get noticed by them and she can get the fame in the market even more.

Whatever the exact reason behind that she have got the attention of the people on herself and have got the fame but in cheap manners.