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Perfect Natural Looking Makeup


Get Your Makeup Look Perfect 1I personally think that if you want to keep your special occasion special and if you want to keep your beautiful glamorous look exclusive for such kind of occasions then you need to avoid adding 20+ products on your face in everyday look, and at the same time I am not saying that you should go out with nude skin, we all have flows and we all like to hide them so here are some simple tips for you to get beautiful natural look.Get Your Makeup Look Perfect

As I always say that you need to prepare your face for makeup and for that cleansing and moisturizing would be best and as I was saying that you need to wash your face with muslin cloth and it is the smoothest and the easiest way to get fresh and smooth skin which look perfect for a natural look and when you have beautiful skin, you not have to apply foundation or concealer, simple moisturizer would be fine, but foundation or concealer.The Natural Makeup Look,beauty tips1

Now when you have done with moisturizer and serums, it is time to apply the coverage for the day and I am using a dime size amount of Flower Cosmetics BB Cream, and you need to take it in between your palms and rub well and then apply with your fingers and I feel it is perfect for my skin tone, you can pick the one which is according to your own skin tone.The Natural Makeup Look,beauty tips

If you are perfectly happy with the look then it is enough but you have something that you want to hide then take some concealer and apply with your fingers, I am using a bit under the eyes and down the nose and I always use a shade ‘light’ to highlight and conceal and it look perfect for my skin, I don’t have any major issues so I feel perfect.Natural Bridal Makeup for Cute Glance

Now when you have applied the foundation or concealer and you have blend it well too, you just need to take some simple face power and apply it all over the face, you need to take a simple puffy powder sponge and clear your skin with that, remove excess amount to powder from your face cause it will give you an artificial look.

Now you need to take a big fluffy sized brush and apply Bronzer on the hollows of the cheekbones, forehead and color bones for extra glow, try to use nude shade for your face and then take a shade darker to contour your face, and you can apply some all around your face and then some around your nose, under your eyes and on the corners of your forehead and then blow clean your brush and then stoke your face a bit to remove the excessive shade.

For eyes I picked a very nude shad and applied all over the lid and then take the light shiny white shade and apply it at the inner corner of my eyes and I picked the same shade to use as a highlighter and I am using a snow white shade to apply on the cheeks and under the brows and blend it with fingers to get a glow and natural shine, some mascara and eyes are done and finish the look with shine nude gloss.

Best of luck