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Perfect Makeup Guideline Step by Step

Perfect Makeup Guideline Step by Step

Perfect Makeup Guideline Step by StepMakeup application is really the amazing way to change your look but you should be more careful while applying the makeup products. A wrong application procedure may affect your personality in bad manners. On the other hands, a professional looking makeup not only enhances your beautiful features but also conceal your imperfections. Here is a perfect makeup guideline for you to get desirable look.

Apply a Good-quality Foundation

Foundation application is the initial step of your makeup. Nowadays many types of foundations are available in the markets, from which you can pick out according to your choice. The water based foundations are the best choice for the females having oily skin. If you have dry skin, go for the B.B. Cream that not only moisturizes your skin but also works as a sun block. For a smooth and equal application, use a good-quality foundation brush.

Use Concealer to Hide Marks and Blemishes

After applying the foundation, the next step is to hide the blemishes and marks using a concealer. Doing this is too easy, just apply small dots of concealer on the scars or blemishes and then dab it with the help of your fingertips.

Apply Eye Primer

If you have dark circles around your eyes, conceal them by applying “Eye Primer.” Another advantage of this eye primer application is that it gives a base to your eyes for other essential eye makeup products like eye shadows and eye liner etc.

Give Your Face a Perfect Look by Applying Loose Powder

After applying foundation and concealing blemishes, marks and dark circles, now you are ready to apply a loose powder. For a light coverage, you can use a brush but if you are looking for an extra coverage, you have to use a puff.

Eyes Makeup

Eye makeup application is the toughest fragment while changing your look through makeup products. The selection of eye makeup products needs a lot of attention. Pick out neutral colors if you are getting preparations for routine life. However, for the special events a Smokey Eye Makeup will give you a stunning look. Proper blending is the trick for professional-looking eye shadow application. After applying an eye shadow, highlight your eyes through eye-liner and mascara.

Apply Lipstick

Lipstick is the must-use item for all females. You cannot get a perfect look without applying lipstick. When it comes to select a lipstick, try to go for natural shades which also complement your skin tone. A glossy lipstick can give your lips a beautiful and sexy look. While applying lipstick, first of all, draw an outline using lip-liner and then apply lipstick. You can add shimmer to get a dramatic look.