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Perfect Makeup For Fair Skin


How to Wear Bright Shades on Cool, Fair Skin TonesMakeup for pale skin can be difficult task cause when you have supper pale skin, slightly darker shade make you look like you have too much shades on your face and when you apply nude shade they make you look like fainted and flashed, I have an alabaster tone and I can tell you it is pretty difficult to get the right shade on your face and for that I am sharing some simple tips with all of you that always worm for me and I am hoping that these will give your face a charming glow too.

Too Faced La Creme Color Drenched Lips Cream in Stiletto RedSoft Colored Lips: – I normally start with bas and I normally use slightly pink shade with my foundation or concealer, I normally take some foundation and add some either peach or brown shade in it and apply and that give a lively look to my skin, and then I come to my lips, normally people think that crimson lips look great on fair skin tone, but I personally think that they don’t so go for bold colored lips and go with sandy pinks, rosy pinks and soft apricots and it will give you a very cute and eye catchy look.Cool with blue eye color

Cool Shades for Eyes: – Now when you are happy with your lips shade then go super easy on your eyes and try to add some cool shade on your eyes like Pale, natural colors actually look great on pale skin and for that you can give champagne, grays, soft pinks and even cool brown and grey hues look very cute on you and will give you eyes a pop out look.

Snow White fair skin makeupBlush Options: -Now that is the most tricky thing in pales skin makeup, blush is your best friend, that can make you look stupid and clumsy too if you play with the wrong shade, now let me tell you one thing, never ever start with too much product, you can always build up if needed so stay cool and light with shade and pale pinks, soft peaches and even apricot are all great blush options for you, but if you are using bronzer, which I wasn’t you to do, then you can try nude shades of brown too and always start with hair line and then pull it in the cheeks.

Perfect Makeup For Fair SkinDark Mascara: – Your eyes are where you can get really nutty with the colors and can even go a little darker too, when we are using all cool shades all over the face, you can try some Dark mascara over your lashes, you can try dark brown or black, but avoid plum, blue and even soft black mascaras, they don’t look good on you for sure, while you are using dark mascara, try to use liquid liner cause it is better for fairer skin.

Best of luck.