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Pedicure Tips for Beauty Look

Pedicure Tips for Beauty Look
Pedicure Tips for Beauty Look
Pedicure Tips for Beauty Look
Pedicure Tips for Beauty Look

Giving a self pedicure at the home is not a tough task if one knows the simple steps of a perfect pedicure. We are teaching you how to give a perfect pedicure at home. Follow these tips and get salon quality outcome:

Thoroughly moisten a cotton ball by dipping it into a nail color remover; press it over your fingernails and then wipe it off to remove old nail color.

Slightly warm water, dissolve soap into it and also add few drops of any essential oil to it. Now, dip your feet into this soapy water for few minutes. While working on one foot, ensure that the second one is soaked in the soapy water.

After that, dry out your foot and then coat the base of your fingernails with a quality cuticle remover. Leave it as it as for one minute so that it can soften up the cuticles for making it easy to remove them. Push back the cuticles carefully with the help of an orange stick. Cutting the cuticles is also another option but it’s wise not to opt for this option as these cuticles are necessary for preventing the entrance of bacteria in the skin.

  • Cut off the extra large nails with the help of a nail clipper and then give them a square shape using your filer.
  • Next, smooth any ridges or roughness on the nail’s surface with a nail buffer.
  • Damp the pumice stone in the tub and scrub it over the foot skin to remove dead cells and dry skin thus make the skin softer. Buffing sponge can also be used as the alternate of pumice stone.
  • Give massage of a good moisturizing lotion to the feet along with the knees and legs. Allow the lotion to absorb in the skin thus leaving it soft and moisturized.
  • Wipe off the lotion from the nails meticulously with the help of a nail color remover-soaked cotton ball; remember the presence of any residue of the lotion will not let the nail color get stuck to the nails.
  • Keep the toes separated from each other by pressing a toe separator between them.
  • Apply single coat of base coat over all the nails and leave for one minute so it fully dries up.
  • Put on two costs of nail polish and let them dry up for five minutes.
  • Put on the top coat and let it dry up for one minute, and finally squirt a quick dry spray on the nails.