Pedicure Tips and Tricks to Keep Your Feets Healthy Beautiful

Looking pretty is the most common among the countless interests and likings of a human being. What the majority people is, they focus more on their face when it comes to look beautiful and attractive and they neglect their hands and feet. One should remember that both these arts need and deserve proper care and attention.

Your Feets Healthy BeautifulHow To Make Your Feet Beautiful

Feet are arguably the most functional part of our body. They deserve our attention more than any other part as they bear the burden of our entire body. The best favor that we can do to our feet is pedicure. You can higher the services of a beautician for getting pedicure and you can do it at home as well; for this, what you have to do is to know the proper way to get pedicure.Your Feets Healthy Beautiful

It is the step-by-step guide to a perfect and salon quality pedicure

  • Soak you both feet in a tub containing tepid soapy water for ten minutes.
  • T cheap bad credit loans ake your feet out of water after ten minutes are over and pat dry them using a fluffy, hygiene towel. Then after get rid of dead skin cells and bumps with a scrub pumice stone, or any other natural exfoliate.
  • Repulse or cut the cuticles bad credit unsecured loan carefully so that you don’t get inside the nail bed.
  • Cut back your toe nails; remember your nails should appear even after trimming. Ensure your nails don’t pass beyond the end of your toe.
  • Next, smooth the rough areas with the help of an emery board purchase cialis or a foot file.
  • Give a moisturizing lotion or cream massage to your feet. Massage the cream round your toe nails as well.
  • Mop up your nails using a nail color remover to remove any extra lotion and prepare them for the nail polish application.
  • Wear a neutral colored or lucid base coat to the nails to protect them and prevent them from soaking in the pigment from the paint. Let the base coat dry off fully and then apply first coat of nail polish; after the first coat dries, apply the final coat.
  • If you have time, apply the moisturizer iron bridge lending once again.

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