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Party Eye Makeup Tutorial


Beautiful Pink Eye Makeup TutorialI am going to make a very beautiful bright yet very subtle yellow look with a hint of mat gray with that and with that I am adding a very dramatic liner and I am hoping that you will like it and will try the look, even if you don’t like the shade then you can try something different with the same technique and with a stylish touch of liner and if you do then I will be more than happy to see your creation.

We will apply light coverage base with that and then we will start with eyes and apply liquid eye primer all over the lid and then we will blend it a bit and then let the skin absorb the moisturizer and meanwhile we will groom our eye bows cause we are looking for a perfect shape, keep it regular on the start and then stylishly thin on the end and then blend perfectly to get the right look.

First of all we will take light pinkish base shade and apply all over the lid and blend well, then we will take perfectly mat light gray shade with flat brush and apply on the 1/3 of the inner eye lid and some on eye corner too and then blend well, just to finish the sharp lines, and then we will take lemon yellow mat shade and apply on the reaming part of the lid and then blend it well, we need to blend it with gray shade very slightly and then we will blend it over the crease too.

Now we will take slightly shiny golden shade and apply on the outer corner of the lid, but not on the cover V but near crease and apply with tabbing technique, don’t blend it, just add some shine on yellow shade at the corner, now take golden yellow liner and line a thick wing over the lid and now take sea green gel liner and line the lower lash line, finish the look with beautiful mascara.

I am hoping that you will try that look.