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Pakistan Fashion Week 5 POSTPONED


Pakistan Fashion Week 5 POSTPONEDOne of the biggest fashion event that was going to be organized under the supervision of Fashion Pakistan Council FPC has been postponed due to some security issues.

It has been revealed that the main reason to postponed that particular event is to show the sympathy with the families of the victim who were died in the tragedy of Abbas Town, around 50 people were died in the bomb blast.

So, the fashion fraternity has decided that to pay respect to those families they are not going to celebrate the event on 19th of March, 2013 as it was planned to organize.

The FPC members have decided that after observing the situation of law and order in the city of Karachi and to join the families in their sorrow of the victims who are being killed in the target killing and incident of bomb blast in Abbas Town.

FPC has not given any further date of the event but that is confirmed now that the Fashion Pakistan Week (FPW) 5 is not going to be organized on 19th of March, 2013.

A letter has been issued by the Fashion Pakistan Week that contains, “Given the continuing unrest in Karachi and after intensive consultations with our advisers and well wishers, we have with a heavy heart, decided to postpone the fashion week.

It continued, “We will reassess the situation in a couple of weeks, and keep you in the loop. Thank you for being a part of the Fashion Pakistani Family. Your continuous support has been of immense encouragement to the council.”