Overnight Beauty Tips

Overnight Beauty Tips
A famous makeup and beauty expert Jane Iredale says that sweeping a loose micronized mineral powder containing titanium dioxide

Nighttime is loved by our skin a lot because when we are sleeping our body is protected from harsh environmental stressors such as sun, wind, pollution etc. Secondly, most biological activities that bring back and revamp the human body come to pass when the individual is at rest, says David Leffell in his book Total Skin. But joining hand with the nature is necessary for true overnight miracles. Here are few overnight beauty tips; follow thwm and become a sleeping beauty.

Zap Zits

A payday loans guarenteed renowned dermatologist Audrey Kunin suggests that regular use of a product with antiseptic ingredients plus a sebum regulator such as zinc can effectively remove the pimples from the skin.

Soothe Irritation

A famous makeup and beauty expert Jane Iredale says unsecured payday loans that sweeping a loose micronized mineral powder containing titanium dioxide or zinc oxide may helpful in soothing irritation and relieving redness. Both, titanium dioxide and zinc oxide have anti-inflammatory properties and don’t cause pore clogging.

Reduce Facial Lines

Dr. Leffell suggests that a cream or serum containing A vitamin or retinol is helpful in countering soft, fine lines. However, it has the tendency to turn the skin extra sensitive towards sun for a couple of unsecured credit loan hours; so, it is wise using it in night. For treating deeper wrinkles, Dr. Leffell says, you may use Renova, Retin-A or Avage with your dermatologist’s prescription. It may cause irritation so it’s advised to use it at night to minimize the odd of irritation.

Hydrate Dry, Rough Feet

Your feet also need proper care and attention. Just before going to bed in night, give your feet a thorough massage with a good foot cream and don cotton socks to retain the moisture in.

Get Silky

You can easily turn your dull and flaky skin to silky and smooth one if you follow the recommendation of Dr. Kunin. Dr. Kunin recommends application of a glycolic acid cream, instead of vitamin A, to remove the dead skin. The removal of dead cells will in turn help retaining moisture for long. Don’t look for a straight glycolic acid while checking the ingredients of the product because it’s usually present in its salt compound form, such as glycolic and ammonium glycolate or glycolic acid compound. These compounds reduce its acidity. Better to use at night.