Organic Makeup Products Differences of Eco-Friendly Cosmetics & Traditional

Organic Makeup Products Differences of Eco-Friendly Cosmetics & Traditional-
Organic Makeup Products Differences of Eco-Friendly Cosmetics & Traditional-

With every passing day, the environment around us becoming more and more polluted because of various reasons. These pollutants present in the air give birth to different diseases; therefore people are now focusing more on making eco-friendly options. One easiest way of making everyday life “green” is to start using organic makeup.

Ingredients You Won’t Find in Organic Makeup

While seeking out the organic makeup people want to make sure that the products are lacking petroleums, gluten, parabens and other synthetic constituents and are safe enough to be used on sensitive skin. It is wise to stay away from these chemicals since they can bring about skin rash, cancer, brain damage and headache. The synthetic skincare products often have compounds like lead, formaldehyde, petroleum and mercury and can wreak havoc on skin, especially on sensitive skin.

So, always try to find certified organic brands such as products produced by Saffron Rouge, Lavera and Vegan. Virtually every cosmetic including lipstick, blush, eyeliner etc. is available in an organic brand.

Concealer, foundation, eyeliner, blush, lipstick, lotion/creams, soap/body wash/ shampoo are among the products available in organic form.

Organic Beauty Products Only Use Natural Fragrances vs. Chemical Scents

The organic brands are usually without preservatives, dyes, colorants or fragrances. You’ll be surprised to know that fragrance is among the top five allergens in the world. Products that contain fragrance can trigger rashes, headaches and more. So, rather than resorting to the products having harmful ingredients, search organic makeup with pure organic plant and essential oils, herbs and flower extracts.

Some Mineral Makeups Contain Harmful Chemicals

Don’t be deceived by the brands simply claiming they are “mineral makeup” and thus suppose they are safe for your skin. Various mineral makeup products have powdery titanium dioxide in them. This titanium dioxide gets into our body when we inhale and cause effects such as lung cancer. Titanium dioxide is safe only when utilized in creamy products as the possibilities of entering body while inhalation, are very low.

Other ingredients one should look for in the organic products include diproylene glycol and propylene glycol, which are without odor and color. These ingredients are usually found in skincare products. An anti-foaming agent, dimethicone, is another ingredient you should watch while buying skincare products. Silicone is another recognized ingredient in makeup and is ever-present in the earth, making it safe for corporal use.

Eco Friendly Ingredients Matter: Start Reading Product Labels
While searching organic cosmetic and skincare products, pay enough attention to the constituents of the product. Ensure that the ingredients the products contain are eco friendly and not tend to pollute the environment.