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Orange Peel Powder & Glowing Skin| Orange Peels for Skin


Orange Peel usage,Home Remedies For Fair SkinToday I am sharing a very simple mask with all if you and I have been using this since I was in high school and I am still a huge fan of this simple mask, although I simply hate making my own orange peel powder, it is so irritating and takes lots of time, but once you make it you are free to use it for next many months, and the smell is awesome, actually I love it during my aromatherapy bath too.Natural Orange Face Masks,Home Remedies For Fair Skin

I always say, if you are making your own orange peel mask then it is better to make your own powder too, you just need to make a basked full of orange peels and then wash them and cover it with a net and put it in the fresh air and sunshine everyday and put it back inside before sunset and if you are living in a hot area then it will take just a week and you will be actually able to grind them to make a powder and then keep it in the air tight.Home Remedies For Fair Skin,Natural Orange Face Masks For Glowing Skin

Here is what you need for this simple mask:-
Homemade Orange peel powder,
Red Sandalwood powder,
Milk, better if you use whole butter milk,
Juice of one lemon.

Amazing Benefits Of Oranges For Skin,Fruits For Glowing SkinNow you just need to take one tablespoon of orange peel powder in a small bowl and then add a teaspoon of sandalwood powder and mix both of them together and break any lumps and then add some lime juice and then some mild and make a smooth paste, it will not be as smooth as clay cause sandalwood is not smooth and then we will apply it all over the face and neck and let it get dry completely, before we will wash it off with running water, never ever scrub it cause it will be dangerous for your skin, you can use it three times a week to get beautiful  skin and treat all kind of skin issues.

Best of luck