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Oatmeal Sugar Pedicure in Under 10 Minutes


One of the most popular fads in the hot summer season is sporting sandals or staying bare feet to show off pretty, silky and smooth feet. The trend provokes many of us to get pedicure but shortage of time or cash keeps us from regularly getting it. But being tight on budget or time doesn’t mean that you can’t get pedicure on regular basis; you can get a DIY pedicure at home spending just 10 minutes or more. Follow the steps given below to give you an oatmeal or sugar pedicure even in less than 10 minutes.

The items you will require to get it include sugar or oatmeal, lotions, nail clippers, nail file and nail polish.

  • Steep your feet in tepid, soapy water for a couple a minutes to soften up the skin and cuticles. Remove them from water and dry off with a soft and clean towel.
  • Mix the oatmeal or sugar with water and slather on your feet. Then purge all of the dead and dry skin with a foot brush or pumice stone until feet are smooth. Wash them again with lukewarm water and dry.
  • Now, apply a generous amount of lotion to the feet and massage you feet with it. Keep the lotion away from the nails, however.
  • Cut down your nails to an appropriate size with nail clippers and also try to nudge the cuticles back with the clippers. Though it is usually recommended to avoid cutting the cuticles but if it is necessary to cut any cuticles you can cut them with a cuticle scissors. But, be sure not to cut the healthy cuticles or you will make your skin prone to bacterial infections.
  • Shape your nails in the desired shape. Use a nail filer for this purpose and be sure moving it in single direction while filing the nails. Smoothen out any sharp edges of the nails and you are ready to apply nail polish now.
  • Put on a base coat, paint coat, and top coat if these items are at hand. If not just apply a double coat of your nail polish. Let the first coat utterly dry out before adding the next.
  • Let the toes dry and head out and about.