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New York Fashion Week 2012

Phillip Lim's collection

Phillip Lim's collectionPhillip Lim’s collection showed off pardon? New York designers perform finest: clean lines, stylish dressmaking and detached (yes, I can hear you saying “safe”) colors. New York strength, slightly right, be derided for organism the capital of commercial fashion, but there are legions of ladies out there who don’t want to look “directional” in Rick Owens. They want to look groomed. This is what New York style is all about. Lim’s collection was his most sophisticated, choice – and, I am not feeling guilty to say it – wearable, yet.

It lacked the “smash” issue of  Parable (it rhymes with “trouble”) Gering’s stunning display of scientific skill on Sunday, but it was no less attractive

Present be of course, as we’ve seen all week, a lingering obsession with colour-blocking. But in Lim’s case “blocking” seems too rigid a utterance. A chalk pink jacket, with lapels lined in the softest gray, which looked like wings, was draped over a loose black chemise: a collarless cream silk jacket with peach slouchy trousers. It was a look at color jamming with your sunglasses lying on.