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New Year’s Eve Look


The look I am going to create for Christmas Eve dinner celebration, is very simple and very easy and it is kind of fun party look which look pretty effortless, It’s one of my favorite looks, and best of all, is super simple, will not take lots of your fun time and it is very simple to carry, you don’t really need to do touch-ups or think about the shades or smudging cause I am not using any particular shade, I am keeping things pretty simple and natural, so are you ready?New Year's Eve Look

First of all you need to understand that its Christmas and you need to look natural without hiding or faking any feature and that is the simple way to enjoy, so we will start with foundation or concealer, I am not using too much of it though, I have been taking very good care of my skin so fortunately I don’t have too much to hide, so we will start with moisturizer and then some serum and then we will apply the lightest amount of foundation or concealer and apply it very softly, I am looking for a very natural look, so am not suing too much shade, I am owning my own skin tone today, no sharp shades, then I will take baby pink blush and apply just on my cheeks apply and blend, I want to get fresh pink look and matching pink lips look good on happy evenings, and now we will go to eyes.Abigail Breslin, nearly 15 years old, looks all grown up on the set of ‘New Year’s Eve

First of all we will apply some eye primer and then we will groom eye brows with matching light brown shade and then we will start with shiny light gray shimmer eye pencil and apply near the lash line and apply a thick line, don’t be scared to apply couple of coats and then take a blending brush and blend it well, but not all over the crease, now take a shiny moon light shade that has some silver glitter in it and apply over the gray shade and blend it over the crease too.

Now take burgundy maroon velvety shad and apply over the outer V and blend it in word over the crease too and then take a thin brush and take the same burgundy maroon shade and apply under the lower lash line too, but not too much, just a light shade.

Now we will take light gray, snow gray highlighter and apply over the 1/3 inner corner and all over the lower lash line and blend well, we will use the same shade over the eye brow boon too and then finish the look with mascara and you ready to rock.