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New Rules for Glowing Summer Skin …


Glowing and tanned skin is the crowning glory of a lady that enhances her charm and appeal even more, especially during the hot summer days. That’s why ladies always try to achieve sun-kissed glow through natural ways or artificial ones. A few simplest and easiest ways to get interesting glowing summer skin or at least giving an illusion of sparkling glow are given here;

Add Some Shimmer

If you are the beholder of very fair skin, only addition of a bit of shimmer is something that is needed to get glowing skin. Add a little highlighter or bronzer over your cheek apples, collarbones, cleavage and also on your shins if you have attired yourself in a dress that shows off your legs. Providing that it has never been overdone, addition of shimmer this summer will give you the spark you have never been enjoyed before.

Rock Copper Smoky Eye

Coppery shades have the ability to put emphasis on even a smaller tan. Smoky eye looks great on almost everyone, so think about rocking copper smoky look. Use two or three shades of copper to add dimensions and contour the eyes with nice eyeliner. Top the look with two, three coats of mascara and enjoy sparkling eyes just like sparkling summer skin.

Reapply SPF Often

Cracked, burnt and baked skin doesn’t look glowing. So, be careful about wearing sunscreen before hitting outdoors and keep on reapplying it so that you can enjoy a fresh, glowing and lovely skin when aren’t exposed to the sun. Moisturize the skin well after offering it full coverage to replenish moisture that the sun has robbed.

Shade Yourself

Another fabulous rule to get glowing summer skin is shading yourself. For this purpose wear rimmed hat and a few pretty little shades. Moreover, rock sunglasses to protect your eyes against sun.

Paint Your Lips Red

Paint your lips red or orange as it tends to emphasize golden skin more than any other shade. If you are not accustomed to using lipstick, you may want to tinted gloss or lip-stain instead.

Fake It

You can easily pretend as if you have sun-kissed glow even if you don’t have, thanks to a vaiety of sunless or self tanners and bronzers available that give you the desired tanned glow instantly. Build the tan using these bronzer or tanner options slowly and sparingly, ensuring that not any spot is missed and application is even and streak free.

Lotion Potion

Lotion potion is another effective trick to get glowing summer skin instantly. Though it sounds complicated, it isn’t actually. All you have to do is to mix a bit of bronzer in your standard moisturizer and apply it over the skin to get glowing skin.