New Limited Edition Lawn Collection by Asim Jofa

Asim Jofa just launched its New Limited Edition Lawn Collection by Asim Jofa. Latest Asim Jofa 2012 collection is called the range of the seas. All facilities in the new collection Asim Jofa 2012 are based on the ocean theme. Therefore, you will see that based on “The colors and decorations to costumes. Sea colors like turquoise have been used for some models. The dresses of other colors like pink embellishments are based on a theme.

Recent Asim Jofa 2012 is demonstrated by the beach photo shoot to go with the theme. Garments in the collection are good for semi-formal and formal wear. Most of them are decorated with beautiful stonework. Abbreviations dresses are Western. They include long dresses with full sleeves.

Asim Jofa is a brand that was founded in 2005. It provides the designer wear dresses. There is great flexibility offered by the brand. It offers bridal wear, formal wear, semi-formal wear and casual wear.

Asim Jofa 2012 palette of sea collection can be seen in the pictures below.

New Limited Edition Lawn Collection by Asim Jofa